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Eldfast Chimney Lining

With Eldfast chimney lining from Landy Vent, you could save money, do your bit for the environment and even guard against carbon monoxide poisoning.

Eldfast chimney linings are installed throughout the UK by our network of trusted agents. We also carry out CCTV surveys and air pressure testing within a 30 mile radius of our head office in Studley, Warwickshire.

Wood Burning Stoves

Enjoy a warm, cosy home and decreased running costs with Landy Vent’s Ecco Stove. This innovative new wood burning stove is made of silicon carbide, which releases heat slowly, warming your entire home for hours at a time.

In addition to the Ecco Stove, we install a wide range of wood burning stoves, including Woodwarm Stoves, Caminos and Jacobus stoves.

Flue Lining Solutions

Landy Vent UK are chimney lining experts, we offer a range of flue lining options depending on your requirements we can help.

This will be dependant on the construction of your chimney and the use of it. With years of expertise in the industry we ensure a safe effective solutions to your requirements.

“The Ecco Stove is an excellent piece of heating innovation, using the natural heat capacity of Silicon Carbide to release heat slowly.

I think of it like the body using complex carbohydrates to release energy slowly, rather than an instant rush of sugar, which most people agree the need to avoid!”

- David Cox

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