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Come and see us at this year’s CLA GameFair at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, 18th-20th July, we will have our NEW exiting Ecco wood burning Stoves and Eldfast ceramic chimney linings at the show this year.

How to extend the life of your chimney?

A chimney that is well-maintained performs better, saves you money in the long run and helps ensure the long-lasting warmth from your fire. Problems such as gaps, cracks, and build ups of creosote and soot in the flue of your chimney will shorten the life of your chimney if kept unchecked. It can also present serious risks to your property.

To extend the life of your chimney we would recommend the following:

Clean it – you should have your chimney cleaned at least once a year to remove the build up of soot and creosote. This will keep your fire safe and will maximize performance.

Replace your chimney liner – if your chimney hasn’t been cleaned regularly then your existing chimney liner may be damaged and not performing the way it should. The chimney liner is there to stop your chimney from catching fire and to stop toxic fumes from entering your home. If you are starting to notice fumes then call in a professional team like Land Vent. We will be able to determine if your existing chimney liner can be prepared or if you need a new one fitting.

Waterproof it – having your chimney professionally waterproofed will guard against water damage. Your chimney is exposed to all the elements that nature can throw at it. The mortar in your chimney is especially vulnerable to water so having your chimney waterproofed will protect it and make your chimney last longer.

Chimney Saver Products

In addition to the above Landy Vent are able to supply a range of chimney saver products that will help to prolong the life of your chimney. These include products like ‘Cre-away’ which can be used to break down large build-ups of creosote, waterproof sealants like ‘CrownCoat Brushable Sealant’ which you can apply over cracks and gaps in the flue and ‘Chimney Saver’ which can help prevent water penetration.

Landy Vent is able to provide you with a wide range of solutions to extend the life of your chimney so that it can perform effectively and keep you safe. Contact us now for advice about Chimney Lining and Chimney Saver Solutions.

By In NewsHow to extend the life of your chimney?

How to install a chimney liner?

Whilst there is nothing to stop a confident ‘DIYer’ from installing a chimney liner it is important to note that any installation should be in accordance with UK building regulations and that there are repercussions if the regulations are not complied with.

With that in mind there are some basics that you need to adhere to such as wearing protective clothing, dust mask, goggles and gloves and ensuring that you have appropriate scaffolding erected for the job. You are also going to need two people to do the work.

chimney liner

The installation process

Here is a quick guide to the installation process;

  1. Check that the chimney is structurally sound and sweep it thoroughly to remove all soot and tar deposits.
  2. Remove the chimney pot and ensure there are no bends or obstructions in the flue that will hinder the installation. If you are using a suspending cowl then you don’t need to remove the chimney pot.
  3. Determine whether you want your chimney liner to be insulated and make sure that you have the correct diameter of chimney liner for the job.
  4. Using the direction arrows on the chimney liner install with the ‘up’ arrows pointing up the chimney.
  5. Attach a nose cone with a draw rope to the bottom of the chimney liner.
  6. If you are using chimney liner insulation jackets then fix them to the first section of the liner.
  7. Drop the draw rope down the flue and have another person at the bottom of the chimney to pull the chimney liner downwards
  8. Guide the chimney liner over the top of the chimney and into the flue.
  9. Once the chimney liner is completely through the flue, connect the base to an appropriate adaptor using screws and sealing with fire cement.
  10. Fix the liner to the top of the chimney using a closure plate and top clamp.

The above 10 steps are a very basic installation guide and you would need to do more research to understand the precise steps that you need to take to ensure a safe and successful installation. At Landy Vent we have many years experience of installing chimney liners so if you need any advice or would like us to quote for an installation then please get in touch.

Why ceramic chimney lining is the best option for you?

Eldfast ceramic chimney lining is one of the best materials you can use to line your chimney with. Traditionally chimneys have been lined with materials using water, cement or lime/clay mortar but the Eldfast system is a completely ceramic material and is not prone to deterioration or acid attack like the other materials are.

Eldfast ceramic chimney lining

Eldfast ceramic chimney lining is made up of two main elements – a refractory ceramic aggregate in powder form and a resin bonding agent. The two of these combine together and make a slurry which has a strong adhesive quality when applied under pressure.

The Eldfast system can be used for lining a chimney where a fireplace is already in place and you don’t have to disturb or damage any brickwork to install it which saves both time and money.

Benefits of Eldfast Ceramic Chimney Lining

There are many benefits to installing Eldfast ceramic chimney lining and these include:

  • Suitable for open fires and stoves
  • Suitable for all fuels
  • Can be used to line a flue without removing the fireplace
  • Can withstand acidic condensation
  • Minimal disruption during installation
  • Helps to increase the draw of the fire
  • Can cope with temperatures up to 2000 Degrees Celsius
  • Keep the sectional area of the flue
  • Can be used for thatched properties
  • Comes complete with a 25 year guarantee and will survive a chimney fire

Why choose Eldfast Ceramic Chimney Lining?

Eldfast ceramic chimney lining is significantly more heat resistant than other chimney liners and acts as an insulator. This means that it maintains the heat of the gases that pass through it and reduces acidic condensation. Its ability to withstand extremely high temperatures is why they are extensively used in thatched properties.

So in summary, Eldfast ceramic chimney linings are easy to install, they are strong and durable, they are very safe and they are cost effective. This is why more and more people are using Eldfast ceramic chimney lining to line their flues.

To find out more about Eldfast ceramic chimney lining and to see how you could benefit then please contact us today and speak to one our specialist team.


Chimney linings are a hidden but necessary cost where a flue is to be put into use or reuse either on a new or refurbished house build project.  Where do you go to find such products or skills? The HETAS “official guide of products and services” is a specifier’s bible to identify those appliances or systems compliant with current regulations.

The national association of chimney engineers (NACE) carries a list of both members and associated members active in the chimney engineering industry.


Both sources are ideal reference points to help and guide you through what can become a specialist mine field.  One such key manufacturer and installer with a network of some trained and certified specialists flue and chimney engineers is Landy Vent Uk Ltd who are one if the few organisations in their field that operate their own competent persons scheme (audited by HETAS) to ensure their chosen contractors not only receive first rate training in the application of their eldfast ceramic chimney lining system but also on site support if needed along with bi annual re assessment of their practical skills on site in a working practical capacity.  Quite an active training and support system to ensure quality follows.

As a champion in their field as chimney lining Landy Vent Uk Ltd export their linings (made in Leicestershire) to Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech republic, hungry, France and Irish republic.  Having trained importers within each of those countries who then carry the banner to other specialist installers in their own respect.  A truly European product made in England.  The Eldfast product is backed by BSRIA (Europe), DANAK (Denmark) and DIB (Germany). The product and company has a great pedigree.

Let all back Britain with the best of the best.

Eldfast latest country for export is just opening up in Hungary where Kamineo their latest importer is undertaking Hungarian certification at this moment in time.

Chimney Saver Solutions

When you experience problems such as gaps, cracks, and large build ups of creosote and soot in your chimney’s flue, this can present serious risks to your property. This is because your chimney can no longer perform the way it should and this then becomes a fire hazard.


You should regularly clean and maintain your flue to stop problems like this happening but sometimes just simple sweeping and cleaning isn’t enough because the build up over time has not been effectively dealt with

At Landy Vent we have a range of chimney saver products that can help clean and maintain your chimney flue to a high standard and keep you safe. Products such as:

Cre-away – this helps to break down heavy build ups of creosote and makes it more manageable and easy to clean.

ChimneySaver Paint ‘N’ Peel – this removes the unsightly build up of smoke and soot stains from the front of your fireplace and fireplace hearths.

CrownCoat Brushable Sealant – this is a waterproof sealant that you can apply over cracks and gaps, once they have been filled in with patching cement.

ChimneySaver – water penetration can cause costly damage to your chimney and ChimneySaver is a well established product that can prevent this effectively.

Chimney Saver Products

Chimneys are heavily exposed to wind, rain, storms etc so it’s hardly surprising that over the years they can become susceptible to deterioration. Lack of regular cleaning and maintenance can add to this problem and if this is not dealt with you could end up with some serious damage that will be costly to repair as well as being a dangerous threat to you and your family.

At Landy Vent we have a range of chimney saver solutions that will help you deal with problems as they occur and keep your chimney performing effectively and safely for years to come. To find out more about our chimney saver products please get in touch and speak to one of our friendly and helpful team.