Frequently Asked Questions – Landy Vent

All your unanswered questions about our Eldfast ceramic chimney lining system

Q - What is it made of?
A – Ceramic compound, crushed refractory brick / china clay blend (30% recycled materials)
Q - How much will it cost roughly to line my chimney?
A – For an average two storey property with an 8m x 225mm x 225mm – £1248 +vat unless any scaffolding is required (health and safety at work act 1974 must be considered)
Q - How long does the lining process take?
A – Usually not but dependant on access and its condition.
Q - Do you have to take the chimney pot off?
A-Generally within the day on an average flue.
Q - Can you line stone flues?
A – Yes, you can use Eldfast to line stone, brick, concrete block, clay liner and gas flue blocks.
Q - What are the benefits of Eldfast over s/s flexible and other lining systems?
A – It does not significantly reduce the cross sectional area of the flue, it is a long term solution, it helps to maintain large fireplace openings, strengthens the flue, non-intrusive installation, 25 years guarantee, HETAS listed, suitable for all fuels, 30% recycled materials used, wholly acid resistant and will outlive sootfires.
Q - Do you have to break in throughout the chimney height to install?
A – Generally no, the system is non-intrusive.
Q - What is the guarantee?
A – Twenty five years.
Q - How is the material applied?
A – By a method of slide casting the ceramic compound through the flue, above an inflated former, in a Kevlar outer, drawn through the flue by a winch from above.
Q - What sort of chimneys do we mainly re-line?
A – Our customer base is private homes, apartment buildings, conservation and historic building specialists, The National Trust, The National House Building Council (NHBC)and Housing Associations.