Jacobus Ecco Stoves

Jacobus stoves: Stylish, functional wood burning stoves from Landy Vent


Add some extra warmth to your home with a wood burning stove from Landy Vent. We stock the full range of Jacobus wood burners, from the compact Jacobus 6 to the grand Jacobus 12. To find out more about Jacobus wood burners, click here to browse their online brochure.


Jacobus 6
Ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere where space is limited. The capacity of these small woodburners ranges from 3.5KW to 7KW and heats spaces to approximately 120 cubic metres.


Jacobus 9
This mid-sized model has an output ranging from 5KW to 10KW. Heating spaces of up to 160 cubic metres, the Jacobus 9 is suitable for almost every living room.


Jacobus 12
These large Jacobus woodburners warm large rooms with a capacity range of 7KW to 14KW. It’s perfect for big living rooms up to 250 cubic metres.


So how does it work?
The combustion system shown in the diagram offers more effective heating (up to 85% yield) and lower CO2 emissions. The primary and secondary combustion air are both heated to about 200 degrees and then distributed across the whole fireplace to create a broad flame. The swirling effect allows for complete combustion and ensures that the oxygen and gas are mixed. The glass pane has an integrated ventilation system that keeps it completely clean. Finally, the design of the combustion chamber minimises noise caused by differences in pressure.


Jacobus Stand
As well as state-of-the-art woodburners, Jacobus also supplies all the accessories you’ll need to keep your stove clean and running smoothly. Tongs and shovels are available, as well as a sleek black stand to store everything.


Jacobus Stand – Side view

[note color="#e69944"] Jacobus dealers wanted Landy Vent is currently looking for Jacobus dealers across the UK. For further details, please contact us[/note]