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Save money and energy with the new Ecco Stove from Landy Vent

Landy Vent install a wide range of stoves. Stoves make your home warm and cosy and can decrease your home heating costs.

The Landy Vent Eccostove is an innovative new wood burning stove is made of silicon carbide, which releases heat slowly, warming your entire home for hours at a time. In addition to our Ecco Stove, we supply and install a wide range of wood burning stoves, including Caminos and Jacobus stoves.

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Warm your home for hours at a time with our slow heat release system

A traditional steel or cast iron stove can reach temperatures of 400 to 500 degrees Celsius, creating a small radius of intense heat. The body temperature of the Ecco Stove is typically 200 degrees, creating a consistent, gentle heat which spreads evenly throughout your whole house without overheating the room in which the stove itself stands. The Ecco Stove offers a whole house heating system that is more cost-effective and creates a more comfortable environment throughout your home.

Because the Ecco Stove uses a slow heat release system, your home is heated for longer. Tests have shown that Ecco Stoves still release 25% of their absorbed heat 7 hours after reaching their full temperature. A lower heat release will keep a well-insulated building up to temperature an incredible 14 hours after 20kg of wood has been burned.

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Ecco Stoves aren’t just for heating…

  • Cooking
    With four hotplates on its top surface – two for boiling and two for simmering – the Ecco Stove can be used for cooking as it warms your home.
  • Domestic hot water (E678 model)
    A heater coil can be added to the hotbox of the E678 to heat your water. And because the coil is not placed within the combustion chamber, it won’t affect the stove’s combustion efficiency.
  • Heating
    By increasing the height of the stove by 10cm, the hotbox can be used to duct warm air to other rooms through convection.

What is Silicon Carbide?

Silicon Carbide is made up of two minerals extracted from the ground: Silicon and Carborundum. When combined, these minerals form one of the hardest materials on earth, second only to diamond.

Silicon Carbide is able to absorb extreme temperatures and then release heat slowly. It offers some of the best energy efficiencies and low levels of carbon available. It is primarily used in electrical conductors and furnaces thanks to its heat conduction properties.

Landy Vent is constantly testing and developing Silicon Carbide in order to improve its efficiency in whole home heating.

New for Autumn 2011 – the Ecco Stove E580

Now you can enjoy the gentle, long-lasting heat of the Ecco Stove – but with a smaller stove. The new Ecco Stove E580 model is small, stylish and still offers the same levels of warmth and comfort, heating your entire home as well as the room it stands in.

This new model moves away from the traditional multi-pass flue of the larger Ecco Stove. Instead, it creates the emissions diversion and high heat extraction from the spent flue gas using a system of baffling with the stove, and absorption into the silicon carbide.

The temperature of the flue gas will generally be lower than most stoves, because the majority of the heat is retained within the body and baffles of the stove.

As long as you leave your doors open, this compact stove can create heat for your entire home, rather than overheating one room.

Want to find out more about the latest Ecco Stove? Click here to download the E580 fact sheet.

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