How to install a chimney liner?

Whilst there is nothing to stop a confident ‘DIYer’ from installing a chimney liner it is important to note that any installation should be in accordance with UK building regulations and that there are repercussions if the regulations are not complied with.

With that in mind there are some basics that you need to adhere to such as wearing protective clothing, dust mask, goggles and gloves and ensuring that you have appropriate scaffolding erected for the job. You are also going to need two people to do the work.

chimney liner

The installation process

Here is a quick guide to the installation process;

  1. Check that the chimney is structurally sound and sweep it thoroughly to remove all soot and tar deposits.
  2. Remove the chimney pot and ensure there are no bends or obstructions in the flue that will hinder the installation. If you are using a suspending cowl then you don’t need to remove the chimney pot.
  3. Determine whether you want your chimney liner to be insulated and make sure that you have the correct diameter of chimney liner for the job.
  4. Using the direction arrows on the chimney liner install with the ‘up’ arrows pointing up the chimney.
  5. Attach a nose cone with a draw rope to the bottom of the chimney liner.
  6. If you are using chimney liner insulation jackets then fix them to the first section of the liner.
  7. Drop the draw rope down the flue and have another person at the bottom of the chimney to pull the chimney liner downwards
  8. Guide the chimney liner over the top of the chimney and into the flue.
  9. Once the chimney liner is completely through the flue, connect the base to an appropriate adaptor using screws and sealing with fire cement.
  10. Fix the liner to the top of the chimney using a closure plate and top clamp.

The above 10 steps are a very basic installation guide and you would need to do more research to understand the precise steps that you need to take to ensure a safe and successful installation. At Landy Vent we have many years experience of installing chimney liners so if you need any advice or would like us to quote for an installation then please get in touch.