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Chimney linings are a hidden but necessary cost where a flue is to be put into use or reuse either on a new or refurbished house build project.  Where do you go to find such products or skills? The HETAS “official guide of products and services” is a specifier’s bible to identify those appliances or systems compliant with current regulations.

The national association of chimney engineers (NACE) carries a list of both members and associated members active in the chimney engineering industry.


Both sources are ideal reference points to help and guide you through what can become a specialist mine field.  One such key manufacturer and installer with a network of some trained and certified specialists flue and chimney engineers is Landy Vent Uk Ltd who are one if the few organisations in their field that operate their own competent persons scheme (audited by HETAS) to ensure their chosen contractors not only receive first rate training in the application of their eldfast ceramic chimney lining system but also on site support if needed along with bi annual re assessment of their practical skills on site in a working practical capacity.  Quite an active training and support system to ensure quality follows.

As a champion in their field as chimney lining Landy Vent Uk Ltd export their linings (made in Leicestershire) to Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech republic, hungry, France and Irish republic.  Having trained importers within each of those countries who then carry the banner to other specialist installers in their own respect.  A truly European product made in England.  The Eldfast product is backed by BSRIA (Europe), DANAK (Denmark) and DIB (Germany). The product and company has a great pedigree.

Let all back Britain with the best of the best.

Eldfast latest country for export is just opening up in Hungary where Kamineo their latest importer is undertaking Hungarian certification at this moment in time.


Occasionally, stoves and open fires can produce a tar or glaze known as third-degree creosote.

This creosote, along with soot, can build up in your chimney system. If the flue is not properly cleaned and maintained this can create a fire hazard.

It is virtually impossible to remove glazed creosote by normal sweeping alone. There are various time consuming ways in which a sweep can eliminate this build up such as the use of caustic chemicals and rotary sweeping devices.

Cre-Away chemically modifies existing third degree creosote. In doing so the glaze is altered to become a substance far easier to remove using traditional chimney sweeping methods.

Cre-Away is fast, effective and easy to use. The speed of which the product modifies third-degree creosote varies from flue to flue and depends on many variables. These include the type of wood burned and the moisture content of that fuel. Also, air flow, flue size and the amount of existing build up have to be considered.

In some cases the chemical reaction will only take a week or two. In other more difficult projects the build up may require multiple applications during the heating season to completely modify the remaining glaze.

How it Works

Cre-Away is a four component powder which safely and effectively modifies third-degree creosote so that it can be more easily removed by chimney sweeping.

First a reactive agent neutralizes the slightly acidic creosote making it less corrosive to metal components and less flammable.

Second a dehydrator absorbs the the oils and moisture contained in some forms of creosote. A combustion inhibitor helps reduce the chance of chimney fires.

Finally a magnesium catalyst helps break down third-degree creosote when the flue is heated by normal use.